Value, Flow, Quality

The standard for building better products

Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) is a work-based system of learning for people building products. Whether you’re looking to develop a customer persona, make better use of data in your decisions, or take your career in Product to the next stage, VFQ courses and books are the best resources to help you do so.

Emergn's Steve Angelo-Eadie - VP VFQ Learning

“You don't have to be an expert in Agile or Scrum to be a great Product Manager.”

VFQ helps you develop a discovery mindset so you can focus on what matters – getting the best ideas into the hands of your customers faster.

Courses from VFQ
VFQ insight - Wanting to do Agile but now idea why?

Our Product Management course will help you

  • Learn a structured approach to discovery so that you can rapidly innovate
  • Differentiate your product by capturing demand through better market analysis
  • Use experimentation and data analytics, not opinions and assumptions, to develop products you’re confident your customers will buy
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What VFQ stands for

  • Enhance product adaptability and reduce risk by delivering VALUE early and often
  • Speed up your time to market, enhance your edge, and accelerate value by optimizing the FLOW of work end-to-end
  • Frequently engage with customers and users to discover QUALITY with fast feedback

Why VFQ works

VFQ - Practical Learning

Practical learning

Learning with VFQ is based around your work, not just what you read or watch, so you start to see benefits from day one – and the learning sticks.

VFQ - Outcome Focused

Outcome focused

VFQ distils popular development methodologies like Agile, Lean Startup, Scrum, etc. to their underlying principles so that you can focus on solving your problems rather than learning all the rules.

VFQ Proven Effective

Proven effective

VFQ is the synthesis of over 10 years of successfully helping people from the world’s leading businesses improve the way they bring their best ideas, products, and services to market. It’s not just theory, it’s proven to work.

Who we are

Our courses are created and delivered by expert practitioners

Steven Angelo-Eadie

VP VFQ Learning

Jayanthi Selvaraj

VFQ Trainer

Claire Iles

VFQ Trainer

What people say

The activities, games and case studies helped me to relate the principles of VFQ to some of the challenges we face day-to-day in our work.

Gayathri Balyam


Thoroughly enjoyed the course content and the real world examples and statistics used to reinforce the materials.

Lori Cobb


It’s great that we can apply VFQ to real projects as it allows us to better make the associations and thus retain the information.

Mo Butikofer


Our VFQ courses help build the appropriate skills for individuals so that they can drive the right outcomes within their organization.