About VFQ

VFQ is a system of learning: it distils popular development methodologies like Agile, Lean Startup, Scrum, etc. to their underlying principles, so you can adapt them to any problem. You can immediately and successfully apply these principles to your work, without getting bogged down by rules and specifics of each methodology.

VFQ stands for Value, Flow, Quality

The best way to achieve business success and create delighted customers is to focus on Value, Flow, and Quality. Organizations that excel in product development do three things well:

VFQ - Deliver value early and often

First, they deliver value early and often. This reduces risk and enhances product adaptability to evolving technologies, competitors and customer needs and preferences.

VFQ - Optimize the flow of work end to end

Second, they optimize the flow of work end to end. This speeds up time to market, enhancing competitive position and accelerating value through revenue growth and return on investment.

VFQ - Discover quality with fast feedback

Third, they obtain frequent, fast feedback from customers and users. They understand that, in highly dynamic and evolving environments, the path to quality is through discovery: building the right-thing and building the thing right.


What makes us different

VFQ was built from the ground up by Emergn and it’s still evolving.

Emergn’s consultants and educators help some of the world’s most successful companies improve the way they bring their best ideas, products and services to market – and they do it using VFQ.

As Emergn helps clients solve new problems, those new concepts and solutions are brought back into the VFQ body of knowledge.

Meet some of our instructors

Claire Iles

VFQ Trainer

Jayanthi Selvaraj

VFQ Trainer

Steven Angelo-Eadie

VP VFQ Learning

When you sign up for an instructor-led course, you will be taught by the same experts who help Emergn’s clients transform.

VFQ Insight - Adding value to our customers

Just as Emergn’s work with clients is based on the premise that VFQ practitioners can affect real and immediate change in their organizations, so is the premise of our instruction.

This means that learning will be based around your work and not just what you read or watch.

VFQ alumni have gone on to work for some of the world’s leading companies: