Books & Techniques

VFQ books cover the entire idea-to-market lifecycle, bringing together insights and guidance from thousands of articles, books, case studies and models – providing a solid foundation for practitioners and experts in Agile and Product Management.

VFQ books are built to guarantee your new knowledge sticks, combining essential education with case studies and work-based activities so that you can start applying new practices right away. The books are available as bundles designed to address some of the most common challenges faced by people delivering products. Each bundle contains the relevant VFQ books, as well as over thirty quick-glance technique cards. These cards provide a snapshot of essential knowledge to draw upon, with step-by-step guidance and practical tips for when you need proven methods to solve specific problems right now.

Building Better Products

This book bundle gives you all of the tools and knowledge to successfully take your idea to market, from capturing the idea to prioritizing and successfully working with your team. Each book gives you access to case studies and activities to put your learning into practice.

High Performing Teams

Need to understand what goes into creating and maintaining a high performing team? This book bundle gives you access to all the tools and thinking to improve how your team works with your customer and working amongst themselves. Learn the skills that it takes to truly collaborate and deliver products that people love.


This book bundle is your complete guide to Agile. From understanding major methodologies, underlying principles and practices all the way to successfully implementing agile ways of working in your context.


This book bundle will help you get to grips with Kanban's essential mechanics, as well as the essentials of understanding and improving how your work flows from an idea into a solution in the hands of your customers.

VFQ Essentials

This book bundle is for those looking to go deeper into learning about the principles of Value, Flow, Quality, and how to implement them with their teams and projects. This bundle will take you to the heart of agility's foundational aspects and how to view your work through the lens of Value, Flow, and Quality.