Agile Practitioner Course

The course will help those working on or alongside Agile teams to understand the theory behind Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban but also to practically implement Agile principles in a way that fits the context of your work, your team, and the wider organization.

What you will learn

Product teams are responsible for delivering highly functional products to meet the needs of all stakeholders. You need to understand how to write great user stories, how to maintain a backlog, and how to work collaboratively to deliver value to your customers early and often.

With our VFQ Agile Practitioner Course, learn the skills to improve the end-to-end flow of your best ideas and build better products.

Session 1

Why Change?

This first session is all about understanding how we create a better way of working. You’ll have the chance to take a look in the mirror, diving into your own context and what’s preventing you from reaching your full potential. Our goal is to help you realize where you’re going wrong in your approach to work and how you can change to deliver better results.

What you'll learn

  • What is wrong with the way we currently approach work
  • What is a better way of approaching change
  • How to apply this new approach in your context

Session 2

Delivering Early and Often

Delivering value in big batches provides a false sense of security for organizations across the globe. It’s thought that getting the product to its perfect state will increase adoption but often the contrary is true as organizations deliver something that is outdated and does not fulfill customer or market needs. In this session, we’ll teach you the principles and benefits of delivering small pieces of value to your customers early and often.

What you'll learn

  • The difference between increments and iterations and when each is suitable
  • How to start breaking work down
  • How to apply this new approach to your work

Session 3

Optimizing Flow

Optimizing the way work flows is a crucial aspect of both adopting and adapting agile within your context. In this session, we’ll teach you what getting faster actually means for your business as a whole and why focusing on delivering on time isn’t actually helpful. By the end of the session, you’ll have a new outlook on the way your work should flow and a focus on outcomes for your customers.

What you'll learn

  • How to stop focusing on delivering on time and instead focus on customer outcomes
  • The benefits of understanding the cost of delay
  • Flow and optimizing from end-to-end
  • The Lean view of waste

How you will learn

Our approach to education is influenced by the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development.

70:20:10 Model

Work and learning are intermingled, and this model provides a framework for thinking outside the classes, courses, and curriculum mindset of learning and focusing on the entire spectrum – workplace, social and formal.

As a result, much of the coursework in the Agile Practitioner Course is project-based, so you can immediately take concepts to action within your work from the moment you begin.

The Learning Materials and Tools provided will allow you to put into practice new concepts within your own context.

Technique cards and template samples
VFQ Technique - Burndown Charts
VFQ Technique - Three Question Model
VFQ Technique - Cost of Delay
VFQ Test and Learn card
VFQ Faster Delivery Model
VFQ Desired Target Condition

What else is included

Techniques at-a-glance

The Agile Practitioner course includes access to a library of over thirty quick-glance technique cards that provide step-by-step guidance and practical tips. These practical cards are the perfect two-minute refresher that you can use again and again after completing your course.

Course Completion Certificate

Upon completion of coursework and receiving a passing grade on the final assessment you will be issued a course completion certificate that can be posted to your LinkedIn profile.

VFQ Practitioner Certificate

We award our VFQ Practitioner Certification based on real evidence of practice, action, and reflection. As a result, a VFQ Practitioner Certification attests to more than just sound book knowledge; it demonstrates practical skills and a deep understanding of Agile principles and practices. You can choose the course option with Practitioner Certification now or purchase certification as an add-on after you have completed the course.

VFQ Foundations Course

When you purchase access to the Agile Practitioner Course, you will also receive access to the VFQ Foundations course. This short course establishes a common language and helps you rediscover curiosity, experimentation, and build a discovery- and learning-focused mindset. We recommend you start with the VFQ Foundations course.

What people say

The activities, games and case studies helped me to relate the principles of VFQ to some of the challenges we face day-to-day in our work.

Gayathri Balyam


Thoroughly enjoyed the course content and the real world examples and statistics used to reinforce the materials.

Lori Cobb


The session books and presentation content slides were superb – other training courses could learn from this.

Matthew Bond

Department For Education

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Books that help you

Kanban Bundle

Want to go deeper into Kanban? This book bundle will help you get to grips with Kanban’s essential mechanics, as well as the essentials of understanding and improving how your work flows from an idea into a solution in the hands of your customers.

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