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September 27 – 29
9:00 ET to 12:00 ET | 14:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT

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Have you ever been led down a path of developing products that customers actually don’t need? This can happen even when you get input from your stakeholders and ask the right questions. Our product management experts have seen it all and learned from their experiences to develop practical advice that you can use today – and for the rest of your career.

Whether you are early in your product management path or looking to improve the way you work today, our hands-on, interactive Product Discovery Masterclass will help you solve your customer problems to reach your business objectives.

We support you taking ideas to market in the fastest possible time frame, that have the greatest chances of success by building products that customers love.

We teach you to

  • Apply the Design Thinking approach: Create meaningful products for your customers.
  • Develop customer personas and journey maps: Employ the underlying tools and techniques required to research customers and users.
  • Find your real customer problems: Learn and try out effective customer interview techniques. Understand “the why” and avoid wasted development resources and time.
  • Rapidly discover what your customers find valuable: Design experiments to test and create success metrics.
  • Build prototypes: Engage and delight your customers early and often.

Product Discovery Masterclass

September 27 – 29
9:00 ET
to 12:00 ET | 14:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT

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I most enjoyed getting to practice using the tools and techniques. I’ve had training on similar things before, but it was good to hear from practitioners about what works best for them.

Tomasz N.

Business Analyst

My favorite aspect of the Masterclass was the practical work on the Miro board. I enjoyed building the prototype and presenting it to the customer, as well as the customer interviews.

Leonie H.

Digitalization & Implementation Coordinator

I loved your Masterclass. I think it's one of the best ones that I've taken. The real industry experience of the instructors helped a lot and I found all the concepts to be applicable. Thank you so much!

Winny S.

Product Leader

Thank you for this training. It was really helpful and I learned some new things that I plan on adding to my daily workflow. I liked the quick pace of the class and having multiple facilitators.

Hani N.

Staff Technical Product Manager

Beyond Methodologies

Learn more about Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ), our system of learning that underpins the Product Discovery Masterclass by watching this introductory webinar.

Agenda: Product Discovery Masterclass


Discovering valuable ideas

How do you know if your ideas are viable and solve real market problems? We’ll first review some product management basics to set the stage for the next two sessions. We will share our experience and take you through our playbook of best practices. You will start to critically analyze the known and unknown assumptions of a real-life scenario that you’ll begin working on in Sessions 2 & 3.

What you'll learn

  • The product mindset and product lifecycle
  • The Design Thinking approach
  • In-depth look at the best product tools and practices


Being truly customer experience driven

Are you in tune with your customers and building products they actually need and will love? We will explore how to practically find customer problems worth solving by getting out of the building and speaking to customers. You will try out techniques that help to validate our ideas with the customer to meet our business objectives. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn and try out effective customer interview techniques. We’ll show you the best way to organize and prioritize your results.

What you'll learn

  • Interviewing customers
  • Creating customer personas and journey maps
  • Validating the problem and ideating solutions


Learning quickly with fast feedback

Can you test solutions rapidly and learn faster than your competitors? In our final session, we’ll ideate on our many solutions and prioritize down to a few that we’ll take forward into the experimentation process. You will create a hypothesis, a design and build prototypes to test these with the customers we met in Session 2. By the end, you’ll have experienced the Product Discovery process from end to end and will be ready to take it back to your organization to get going with the new ways of working you’ve learned.

What you'll learn

  • Prioritizing our best solutions
  • Designing experiments
  • Creating prototypes to gain fast feedback

Meet the instructors

Emergn's Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace

Product Management Practice Lead for Emergn

As a Product Practitioner, Chris comes with a wealth of experience across the Financial Services and Education industry and has a record of building products and services that deliver great customer experience and dominate the target market. His experience in EdTech and FinTech has led to becoming an evangelist of the minimum loveable product and specializes in implementing the correct models to help companies build the right thing and build that thing right.

As a coach and educator, Chris is responsible for the creation of Emergn’s Product Management approach and has designed Product Solutions for some of the largest companies in the world, enabling others to build products that their customers love over and over again.

Emergn's Jon Buttle-Smith

Jonathan Buttle-Smith

Principal Consultant for Emergn

Jon has worked in the product development space for the past 20 years. Having worked in a diverse range of industries (Broadcast media, Telecoms, Retail, Finance) and regions (UK, US, AUS, India, Europe), he remains passionate in his belief that an insight-driven and customer-centric approach are key to long term business success. With much of Jon’s career focusing on consumer-facing products for companies like Bloom and Wild, Unidays, Moonpig, Photobox, Sky and Tesco, the apps created under his leadership have been downloaded over 50 million times, won 5 industry awards and 2 are listed in Apple’s Best 100 Apps of All Time.

Emergn logo

About Emergn

At Emergn, we are enablers of ideas, champions of our client’s vision and recognized experts at using innovation to help better connect with customers. We are passionate about bringing ideas to market in the most impactful way, helping clients place their customers at the heart of their business.

We combine the understanding of strategy, business and the customer with an end-to-end view to bring the most valuable ideas to market quickly, and with quality driven by fast feedback. Our expertise in product management and design, together with experienced consultants and talented developers, seamlessly blend together to improve how people and companies work.

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About VFQ

VFQ is Emergn’s work-based learning program, specifically for people who work in product management and agile roles. It supports enterprises and individual learners who want to adopt modern ways of working so they can deliver better products and services, compete more effectively in the digital economy, or bring new ideas to market.

We know that the most sustainable learning is work-based, gained through actual experience. VFQ is designed to help you put concepts into practice as it encourages a ‘learn by doing’ mindset. It gives you a new lens to look at your work and all the tools to start making improvements in Value, Flow and Quality.